Our walk from The Sally

Irthington is full of character and there is a lovely walk that takes in the local area and the nearby villages of Laversdale & Newtown. It is 5 miles and can be done in just over an hour on a nice day (or longer if you want to take your time and enjoy a picnic on the way). It will take you past Carlisle Lake District Airport and the Solway Aviation Museum (open Fri – Sun from March to October).

While on your walk from the Sally keep your eyes peeled for interesting wildlife. Red squirrels and brown long-eared bats have been spotted in the area, as well as oystercatchers, whooper swans, peregrine, grey heron and buzzards. There are lots of working farms in the area so beware of the tractors and quad bikes. You won’t need walking boots, but probably best not to wear those white trainers you’re so proud of.

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