When life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic.

It used to be known as Mother’s Ruin. It became closely associated with the British Empire. And it’s been said that HRH Queen Elizabeth is fond of a glass or two.


It’s gin! Gin? Where do we begin? We talk to Christopher Fletcher, General Manager at The Sally, about the rise of this trendy tipple, and how to make the most of it.


Gin seems to be having a revival. What’s so special about it?

Gin is a really emotional spirit. It enhances the senses and over the last few years it has become a really sociable drink. Made with juniper berries, producers can add a range of botanicals, resulting in lots of different types and flavours to suit all tastes. There are lots of great gins on the market today and it’s incredibly versatile – you can do lots with it. It’s still enjoying massive international growth and will continue to do so until the next big trend…

(Our inside secret sources think we know what this might be but that’s for a different day, for now we’ll stick with the gin and continue to ride that enticingly fresh and cool wave!)


But what makes it so cool?

James Bond had gin in his martinis, Humphrey Bogart referenced it in that line in Casablanca, Leonardo enjoyed Gin Rickeys in The Great Gatsby… need we say more?


It’s so special that it’s got its own day! How did you celebrate International G&T day at The Sally?

We teamed up with local gin producer, Solway Spirits, and held a gin tasting night. Based in Cummertrees on the beautiful Solway coastline, this family run local business specialises in hand crafted small batch artisan spirits and liqueurs. They brought with them a range of gorgeous gins, ranging from Raspberry Ripple to Apple Caramel, and our guests got to sample the lot. They took a particular shine to Apple Caramel which will now become a featured product in The Sally’s ‘top-shelf tipples.’ We also asked our guests to decide on flavours for The Sally’s very own artisan gin which is currently under production. Launched November 2018


Tell us 3 things about The Sally’s new artisan gin

It will be flavoured with coconut & lime, it will only be available at The Sally and it’s going to be here in time for Christmas!


What’s the best G&T you’ve ever had?

Apart from the new Sally gin from Solway spirits?

It was in a harbourside bar in St Julian’s Bay, Malta. Bliss.


Tips to make the perfect G&T?

A good gin. A chilled mixer. Plenty of fresh clean ice. And perfect company.



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