Top tips to sleep easy

With the introduction of our new custom designed bedrooms, we are making it our mission to gift all our guests a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re on a business trip, a walking holiday or just passing through after visiting friends, we won’t rest until you’re sleeping easy.

Here are our top tips to sleep like a pro.

  1. Try and stick to a regular schedule. Having the same bedtime and wake up time (even at weekends) will help to regulate your body clock.
    Why not book in a wake-up call with our staff when you check in.
  2. Develop your own relaxing bedtime ritual or routine – try a warm (but not hot) bath or shower, listening to calming music or read a book.
    Our Eden and Irthing rooms are both equipped with baths. All our bathrooms have lovely, locally made Bath House products.
  3. Avoid naps during the day.
    The jury is still out on this one – sometimes when you’re on holiday, a relaxing snooze in the afternoon is exactly what you need…
  4. Exercise daily – any type of exercise and for any length of time. Regular bouts of gentle exercise are just as good as heavy workout sessions.
    Our guests who have been roaming the wall should have no issues with this one!
  5. Regulate the temperature of your room. It should be between 18 and 24 degrees centigrade. Try introducing a fan or humidifier or open the window.
    Our windows at The Sally are fitted with special blinds that allow you to open the windows and keep the local midges out!
  6. Reduce the impact of any external noise. Double glazing, ear plugs, or the introduction of white noise can all help.
  7. Reduce light by installing blackout curtains or using eye shades or eye masks.
    All our rooms have heavily lined curtains that keep the sunlight out (when you want it out).
  8. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol – nicotine is a stimulant and alcohol will cause dehydration, both leading to limited or disrupted sleep.
    Don’t tell the barman we said that!
  9. Avoid heavy meals and tea or coffee directly before bedtime. Aim to eat at least 2-3 hours before turning in. Spicy or rich foods can lead to indigestion and heartburn which can delay or disrupt sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant and will keep you awake.
    Our nespresso machines have decaf pods available. Save the strong stuff for the mornings!
  10. Try relaxation exercises or light yoga stretches to relax you.
  11. Keep the bedroom for sleep – remove all laptops, TVs and other electronics that you might associate with work or socialising.
  12. Avoid electronics before bed to reduce the impact of blue light.
    Ask us if you’d like us to confiscate the TV remote. We can hide it from you if you feel your willpower is slipping.
  13. Try writing a ‘to-do’ list for the next day to reduce anxiety and quieten your mind.
    Or you could write a list of all the delicious treats you’d like to sample the next morning in our breakfast buffet…
  14. Get a comfortable bed and mattress. Most mattresses will need changed every few years. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    We’ve sourced all our beds and mattresses from local sleep specialist Sealy Beds. We’ve even negotiated a deal with the company so that if you’ve enjoyed your sleep experience you can order the same bed model to be delivered to your home upon your return! See Sealy blog entry; for details.
  15. Get a good pillow that has the right amount of support and is free from allergens.
    At The Sally, you can choose from our pillow menu. But please don’t be too disappointed when it’s time to leave and you realise that this isn’t available back at home!
  16. And lastly… Try writing a sleep diary. Jotting down how you’ve slept each night and what you’ve been doing during the day will help you recognise patterns… and who knows what might happen?! If you turn it into a best-seller, don’t forget to come back and celebrate with us at The Sally!
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